Stone Temple Pilots
Core 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe Set
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Core 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe Set CORE 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe Set

Box set includes:

Disc One: Original Album Remastered
“Dead & Bloated”
“Sex Type Thing”
“Wicked Garden”
“No Memory”
“Naked Sunday”
“Piece Of Pie”
“Wet My Bed”
“Where The River Goes”

Disc Two: Demos And B-sides
“Only Dying” – Demo *
“Wicked Garden” – Demo *
“Naked Sunday” – Demo *
“Where The River Goes” – Demo *
“Dead & Bloated” – Demo *
“Sex Type Thing” – Demo *
“Sin” – Demo *
“Creep” – Demo *
“Plush” – Demo *
“Sex Type Thing” – Swing Type Version
“Plush” – Acoustic Type Version
“Creep” – New Album Version
“Plush” – Acoustic from MTV Headbanger’s Ball (Take 1)

Disc Three: Live 1993
Live At Castaic Lake Natural Amphitheater (July 2, 1993)
“Crackerman” *
“Wicked Garden” *
“No Memory” *
“Sin” *
“Plush” *
“Where The River Goes” *
“Sex Type Thing” *
“Wet My Bed” *
“Naked Sunday” *
Live At The Reading Festival (August 27, 1993)
“Wicked Garden”
“No Memory” *
“Lounge Fly” *
“Dead & Bloated”
“Sex Type Thing”
“Naked Sunday”*
Disc Four: MTV Unplugged (November 17, 1993)
“Creep” *
“Andy Warhol”
“Plush” *
“Big Empty” *
“Wicked Garden” *
“Sex Type Thing” *

Disc Five: (DVD) Original Album 5.1 Mix, 24/96 Stereo Audio, And Music Videos

Original album pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

* Previously Unreleased

Bundle includes instant downloads of a previously un-released "Sex Type Thing" demo, “Plush (Live At Castaic Lake Natural Amphitheater, July 2, 1993)", "Wicked Game (MTV Unplugged)," and "Only Dying". (STTBN011)
Qty: US$79.95